Check to ensure the profit margin
In recent years, the operating margin of Spanish companies has fallen 2 percentage points, and thus also reduced their profits. This is a fact that combined with declining sales, the companies have awakened to the need to use management tools and models that allow business to focus their actions on those more profitable customer segments, and carry out efforts to promotion those product lines that provide profit.

Results Orientation

The results your company will get by using our  Easy to Margin service are :
1. Know the gross margin of the lines of business of your company, and for the customer segments.

2. Know the contribution margin of each individual lines of  business to the overall profitability of the company, to answer the question: Where should I focus my commercial efforts?

3. Have a control panel that allows managethe management of each of the margins with a single click, to forecast and analyze variations in order to make decisions.

4. Define a profitable business acction strategy to building on synergies between customer segments and identified product lines.

Where can I earn and where do I lose money? How do I know which customers I should focus my efforts on? How do I decide the correct investment in promoting my products?

In Marketeasing we have developed Easy to Margin, a service for companies who need management tools and models that enable them to know and control the gross margin of each of its product lines, its main customer segments and their 
contribution to the company's global profit, and to create and establish joint marketing strategies, which ensure maximum profitability.

Sales are the primary source of funding for the company, but the current situation makes it very difficult to increase, and to maintain them.

For this reason, companies have to invest increasing efforts on internal issues  on which we can change, such as  costs management.

Distinguish between product lines that make us money from and those that don't, or knowing the customer segments that are most profitable, and to define joint marketing strategies are some key strategies to improve profitability of our company.

Easy to margin is a set of tools to analyze the gross margin  of your company; helping you to identify and define tailored strategies for its monitoring and continuous improvement.



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