Diversify your business and export to China

China is currently one of the countries in the world with the best economic growth.

In 2010, GDP showed a growth of 10.3% over the previous year, supported on one side by exports, which increased by 31.3%, and especially for imports, which haveplaced this past year with growth of 38.7%.

Also in 2010 the purchasing power of Chinese urban residents (600 million of consumers) grew by 7%, and we are in front  of a market full of opportunities to settle and diversify our  business.

Results oriented 

The results will get your company when hiring our service Easy to China will be :

1. An analysis of your company potential in the Chinese market, about your market, about your competition, definition of your strategy, calculate your needs, etc.., and all to have a detailed business plan of your new company business development model in China. 

2. We have an extensive knowledge about the Chinese market and we will develop a marketing plan aligned with your products and needs, identifying markets, targets, distribution channels and the best communication strategies.

3. We have an excellent team in China, with which we will work closely to help with everything you need to start your business, how to carry out the tasks of legal advice, recruitment of human resources, office rent, etc…, and we collaborate with you during the first months of the start-up.


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