We make your business profitable

Marketeasing is a consulting firm with extensive experience providing advisory services and management tools for the Marketing and Sales aspects of small and medium enterprises.

Working very closely with our customers Sales and Marketing Directors, we develop dashboards for monitoring the profitability of its poduct ranges and customer demographics, as well as the relative profitabilty of each of them in the company's global income.

We help to develop marketing plans in the strategic, tactical and operational marketing areas to create new lines of business into new markets, or to increase sales of existing business lines.

We collaborate with our international clients to develop their business in Spain
  • Developing marketing strategy for its products and services in our country.
  • Identifying the most appropriate market segments
  • Defining a Sales and Marketing Plan based on and adjusted to their financial resources.
  • Helping to find distributors or to create a sales organization.
  • Support in the start-up phase of implementation. 

If you are planning to launch your business in Spain and do not know how to start, contact us and we will help you.

We also offer Executive Coaching in order to help business managers deal with their daily tasks using technical and management models taught in business schools and used in large enterprises.